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Map taking too long..

Can you please check on my map in progress titled "

SCG Montecito Site 4

I paid for 2x processing speed, and the 3 others that I did the same on came out in just about an hour each, and this one has been in for more than 4 hours and is still only partially done.  I really need this one out quickly.  If you could please tell me what is wrong or do anything you can to please speed this one up, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.

Kevin Foley

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The Expedited Urgency setting is not 2X as fast. It costs 2X the points to guarantee that it starts processing within 12 hours. This is a very rare case in which it had to be held longer and this job started 14 hours after submission. Due to our being late the points have been refunded. 

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