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Product problems in Map Pilot

My name is William and I am a cartographer from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The company I work for carries out aerial survey by drones using the Phantom 3 and Map pilot softwares.

Over the last couple months we have faced some image caption problems. Today, we cannot even make small jobs because there is a lack of synchronism between the image shots.

Would you please help me solve this problem.

Attached is a printscreen of the software running during the flight when the errors ocurred.


Flight Data:

Height - 120m

Maximum radius: 1500m

3 batteries  

Willian Moreira

Official comment


This is likely due to a slow or low quality SD card being used. Make sure you use genuine U3 cards or slow down the imaging speed to Class 10 (3 seconds) in the settings menu.

The issue with the video feed dropping out can also be due to what John noted above: processor performance. Map Pilot is doing a lot of stuff and older process have hard time keeping up. We highly recommend using the iPhone 6 and up.

16kb images are due to a hardware failure in the camera or buffer issue.

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That looks about like an issue I had with skipping photos and the view from the camera being broken up.  I switched from using an iPad mini 2 to using iPhone 6 to run Map Pilot and that took care of it.  

John Hannon 0 votes
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I'm facing the same issue with my Phantom 3 and phantom 4. The skipping of images occurs after about 180 images. 

Also, the image geotag and time seem to be off too. There are some 16kb images too. 

Skylark Drones 0 votes
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I have experienced this using an iPad Mini 4 and genuine 32GB U3 card.  Could this still be the issue?

Joey Busalacchi 0 votes
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My first and not-so-god experience with MP

Brand New P4P, brand new Ipad 4 mini with only brand new Map Pilot plus terrain awareness. (I bought the mini4 because you told in FB that an Ipad4 retina will never be compatible with your app because it is old fashioned... ).

First mission today: the background map has been continuously flickering in tiles, even the mission lines sometimes have disappeared fully or partially, five missing photos in the same area where apparently the Phantom lost its connection and MP got frozen for about 30 seconds. The video feed unstable and grayed in some parts like in the example on top. The card was empty and is the one supplied with the P4P

One opinion/suggestion.The main status indicators should never be allowed to get permanently covered/hidden by any scroll down button bar like it have happend to me today with camera toolbar. Panic, where have gone my remaining bat and linkage status indicators?

Can you explain how manual focus setting is being handled? I disabled AF in the main settings of the app and I supposed this would set focus to infinity by default becauseI cannot see any option for setting focus manually in the app. My first flight does not seem vey well focused in my opinion (I hope it has been my fault). I think you could offer "focus to infinity" or "AF in the first image and then goto MF" this should work fine combined with terrain awareness.

I returned today the Ipad mini I bought yesterday and will try with an Air2.

best regards.


José Martínez Rubio 0 votes
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