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Terrain Awareness (Importing current mine contours)

I work in a mine environment where things are constantly changing. Is there a way to import our surface data into Terrain Awareness?

James Glenn King

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There is not any way for you to patch the data. We can patch localized areas for $250 per tenth of a degree tile since the process will be very manual. The data would still be limited to the same GSD that is currently used (30 meters/pixel).


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It would be pretty super if we could import our own terrain maps.  Does MME have any plans to add this feature?


I have some very gnarly pits to fly and it would be great if I could do a quick overview flight and use the resulting data to drive the subsequent low altitude flights I need.

Matt Hooker 0 votes

We have had a lot of requests for the ability to patch our terrain awareness data or provide higher resolution terrain data. The data service we put together for serving the terrain data is pretty rigid in terms of GSD but we can patch it with new data. If you have a DEM that you have verified to accurately reflect what is actually there we would be willing to merge it in. It is a VERY manual process but we are interested in making it easier to do.

We need a 32-bit float DEM GeoTIFF like the ones we create.


Since you are more than capable, if you want to do the the work of merging the rasters yourself, that would speed things up. Let us know where you are looking to patch and we will give you a link to the DEM to use as a base. If you use that file, patch in your site, and get it back to us we can have it posted very soon.

Zane 0 votes