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Using KML files with Ipad

I have read the other posts about using KML and I'm still not getting what I expect.  

I created a series of 15 overlapping flight area boundaries (with Polylines in AutoCAD) - the CS was LL84.  I exported that to a Shapefile and then used FME to convert it to a KMZ, then renamed that to .ZIP, opened it with File Explorer and extracted the .KML.  I then emailed myself the KML.

When I click on the KML file that I emailed myself, I get an option "Import with Map Pilot" (and a bunch of other options) but it does not open in text view.  

When I choose Import, it does that and I can see it in the flight log manager.  When I tap on the KML file in the log file manager it starts the pilot app and gives me a message "To keep this KML from showing, delete the file "active.kml" in the Log File Manager",  When I click OK it zooms to where the flight lines should be (in the KML file) but I don't see the flight lines.

What am I missing?

Tom Inloes

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That is a fairly convoluted way of creating a KML file. It is likely that the elements being created do not conform super strictly to the standard and are being stripped out.

To debug this, I would recommend creating a normal KML file with polygons, lines and markers using Google Earth and then compare the text of the file to see what is different. You may just need to specify styling or something simple like that.

Another thing is that our KML input parser does not handle heavily nested objects very well. You may just need to copy some stuff around to make all the shares you are interested in at the top level of the file.

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