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I have enough points, but Maps Made Easy won't let me upload files

I just bought 1500 points for $29.99 and have 62 images ready to upload.  One screen says that I need 620 points to proceed and that I don't have enough points, but another screen correctly says that I have 1500 points.  It won't let me upload the images.  I need to have a 3D model quickly, I am supposed to give a paper at a conference and this 3D model will be a part of the paper.  HELP!!


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1500 points is enough to process 7.5 gigapixels worth of imagery. For a 20 megapixels camera this would be roughly 375 images. 

62 images should only be 1.24 gigapixels worth of imagery. The first one would be free so you really don't even need 50 points to process 62 images. 

Can you please share a screenshot of the calculation part of the uploader?

It looks like you were able to process a couple of jobs since you posted this.

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