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Mavic 3E - Won't un-pause or slow to light conditions


We were testing a Mavic 3e today using version 1.8.1e on the controller. We noticed that the drone would not un-pause and continue on it way once we stopped it. We ended up flying it back manually and ending the mission. Also, we notice that the drone reported that it would slow to light conditions 10mph, but then flew the mission at 22mph. It was our first test day with the Mavic E and our first time using the DJI controller. What do you think about these two things we noticed? Thanks!


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What buttons are you using to try to stop?

We are able to do all of this. Have you checked your firmware versions to make sure they are up-to-date?

Please make sure all of your flights are synced with maps made easy so we can see what you were seeing. You have one flight in your account, but it doesn’t seem to be having the issues you are describing.

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