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The flight plan is interrupted intermittently

Hello, I am trying to make photogrammetric flights in several areas, but as soon as the drone starts flying, the flight plan is interrupted and this message appears. It happens intermittently, I move to other nearby areas and the error does not appear allowing me to fly normally, then I return to the initial area and now it allows me to fly without interruptions. I try to make another flight in an area next to the initial area and the problem appears again. I have even gone a couple of kilometers to another area and the problem appears again, the drone advances a few lines and then this error appears that cancels the automatic flight. What could be happening? I have made sure that the flight mode lever is fixed and does not move during flight. My drone is a Phantom 4 Pro, I am trying to make flights at 120m high with 70x70 overlap and I have the base subscription. I attach the link to the screenshot showing the problem in mid-flight.
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Please share a link of the affected flight after the log has been synced to our system. 

Your most recently uploaded flight shows that it was switched out of the programmed flight mode and taken over manually. Before that it showed that you had gotten repeated strong wind warnings as well as GPS warnings. 

Even if you don't switch it out manually it is possible the aircraft will kick out of the programmed flight mode due to strong winds. 



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