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Roof and Building not come out

Hello not having much luck with sides of buildings

 Dronelink for scanning  ...75/75 overlap   .

. 1. Map at 150 ft ,8 miles per 75 gimble angle 

  1.Orbit  100 ft  8 mle per  75 gimble angle 

   108 images

What I am I doing  wrong ??

Raffaele Gaines

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Sorry for the delay. Your post got stuck in moderation due to its referencing a different service. Please read the data collection guidelines that you agree to carefully. They specifically say not to include orbit imagery. Also roofs are surprisingly hard to process well when they are reflective metal like you are dealing with. if you are looking to render the vertical surfaces on the side of the building, you should be using the ‘Full 3D’ option in Step 2 of the uploader. Otherwise you are just going to be getting a 2.5 D model that does not render the verticals.

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