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Flat 3D model?

I did a 3D model and it became flat.

What am I doing wrong?

Other vendors interpretation of same set of pictures:

(phantom 4)





Eduardo Valverde

Official comment


We are primarily a mapping service so whenever it is needed we give priority to the map turning out more accurately than the 3D model. You can see in your comparison that we actually process a lot more of the imagery and provide a much cleaner map output. 

You actually have a few different things going on in your images that are causing this. 

Your data was taken flying sideways which is a big no-no with rolling shutter cameras such as those on DJI aircraft. Your flight pattern went left, forward, right, forward, left, forward and so on. Flying sideways while capturing images with a rolling shutter essential makes images that look like a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. The bad part is that the parallelogram tilt occurs in different directions depending on the direction of travel. This is bad.

Also, you have a fairly strong travelling sunspot in your images. This too can cause issues. While it is good to take mapping data at mid day to get a much light/contrast as possible, solar noon +/- 45 minutes or so should be avoided to keep the direct sunlight from creating a sunspot in your images.


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