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Can I take oblique shots with map pilot?


Why doesn't the 'home' feature return my Inspire all the time. It only worked once and the other times it just keeps on doing the mission.


I thought map pilot was supposed to be able to have a large project, use up 1 battery and be able to return with a different battery. I left my Inspire 1 flying until ~10% and it never came home. Is there something in settings that I need to set?

Nathan Stephenson

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Yes. Once the aircraft has reached the point directly over the take off point and starts proceeding the the green dot at the start of the planned flight you can manually adjust the gimbal pointing angle. A lot of our users will tip it up about 30 degrees and run two missions that are criss crossed to get more complete 3D data. 

The Go Home button should certainly be working. If there is not a good connection with the aircraft the Go Home may not work but the Return to Home button the remote may.

The aircraft's smart battery knows how much battery power is left and how much it needs to get home but 10% sounds pretty extreme. Try calibrating your batteries and consider using a battery time limit so that doesn't happen. 

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