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Is it possible to save a planned flight without an image?

Is there any way I can plan a flight and save it for later usage, without having to worry about caching some image I do not really need anyway? I am just trying to get out of having to deal with the limited number of caches before I have to go back to school and spend hours on having to learn how to use some feature (called MapBox, I believe?) that I have no interest in learning. All I want to do is design my flight and store the values while I am at my office, then drive out to my property and fly the mission. I do not require having an image to look at. Thanks.

wayne dukes

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You can save as many flights as you want and if you don't care about saving the basemap imagery for offline use you don't have to. You don't have to know anything about Mapbox other than to follow our instructions to get the two pieces of information you need in order to be able to save the basemap data though. 

If you don't need the basemap data you can hit save all day long and the missions will show up in the Mission Manager list.

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