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Maps Made Easy - problem with iOS 9.3.5 and Inspire 1 Pro


I recently tried to execute a flight using an Inspire 1 Pro/ X5 camera; controlled with an iPhone 6S Plus (iOS 9.3.5) and MME app v 2.1.4 build 08162016.

When I was trying to create a new mission, the app flashed the camera lens dailog, and several other dialogs automatically, and did not allow me to define the mapping area.  I restarted the phone and the app, and had the same issue.

I used Drone Deploy app instead to collect the photos, but prefer to use MME.

Is there a known issue with this configuration of apps/ hardware?

I don't mind re-installing MME if required.

Also, I see from your version notes that you are adding Terrain Awareness. That is excellent!  Will you be supporting international coverage - including New Zealand?  Our Sensefly eBees incorporate the SRTM terrain model in the flight planning software and it has proved extremely useful.

Looking forward to getting MME humming in our workflows.





Peter O'Regan

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