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Cached Maps & Nearby Missions

As discussed in other posts, I created a mission, saved it, and used one of my 10 caches from Mapbox (thanks for including 10). I renamed the mission in Mission Management. To create another mission nearby on the cached base map (and to avoid any chance of using another of my 10 caches from Mapbox), I first turned off wifi and then opened the saved mission.

I unlocked the mission, relocated the area markers for the nearby mission, and then saved the new mission. I was presented with a few comment boxes on the screen, accepted them, and then told that I had used another of my 10 caches from Mapbox. In Mission Management, in addition to the original mission, the nearby mission is listed twice with the same name and time. I rechecked the wifi connection (setting off and no access using a browser) and confirmed that wifi has remained off.

1) how do I get back the not-used Mapbox cache (could not have been used since I was offline)?

2) there might be a bug in the application based upon (a) misidentified cache download and (b) duplicated mission listing in Mission Management.

3) almost all of my missions will be over a relatively nearby area and I'd like to use the cached base map for a number of future missions without having to (a) have an internet connection and (b) use any my remaining 10 caches.

Thanks in advance.

Ed Easterling

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We understand the frustration with some of the limitations in the map caching feature. We are using a 3rd party library to handle that. We also have to apply some limits to the caching otherwise we would need to charge a lot more for the app.

1. All the map tiles get stored according to their original URL. When the app makes a request for a URL that it already has in storage it will use the stored one instead of downloading a new one. The files are all there in the same place. Map Pilot doesn't make any distinction between redownloading the files or not.

2. All presses of the save map button count towards the 10 sample map caches.

3. You can continue to save new missions past the 10 sample map caches if they are based on tiles that are already downloaded.

This could all be avoided by simply signing up for your own Mapbox account and getting your own credential. It only takes a few minutes and could probably have been done in less time than it took to write this post! :)

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No frustration...MME is a great app...and thanks for starting us with 10 caches.

Regarding #2, I did not see anywhere else that pressing "save" uses a cache even when it does not download one. I completely understand the need to limit caches on your account. Yet it seems like one download--that is edited and saved 9 more times--uses one cache from your account. (But great to hear that the "saves" can go past the 10...#3)

I would have already signed-up, but after reading the documentation (multiple times previously) it appears that each time we create a base map, we have to get tokens and IDs and transfer them into MME. The 10 caches that you provide are seamless.

If, instead, users can create a general area base map with sufficient zoom detail and input into MME one set of ID and token values for later seamless use, then I'll do that right away and not use any more of the initial caches. Please clarify whether the 9 steps in the post about Mapbox IDs and tokens must be repeated with each mission (or how to set it up to be as seamless as the provided caches). Thanks in advance.


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You only need to do the Mapbox setup one time. Just select the satellite view (which is the same one we use) and it will work exactly the same as it does in the samples. You never have to touch it again.

We will be giving it another look soon. Your feedback is helpful.

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