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Extended altitude flight


Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Pro, firmware version 1.8.80; RC firmware version 1.6.0
Map Pilot App: v1.5.1
Ipad mini 2: iOS 9.3.2

All other Apps closed; i.e. nothing running in the background


  • The system will not allow a mission to start with a flight altitude of 150m.  The mission uploads fine, but when trying to start the mission, the error “Mission Too High” appears and the user is not able to fly.  Restarting the system had no effect.  See attached screen shots


Official comment


This error means that your planned flight is higher than the currently set maximum flight height that is defined in the DJI Go app. Currently (maybe not in the future) we honor the maximum flight height setting from the DJI app. This needs to be adjust there to fly higher in Map Pilot.

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