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Improvement suggestions for offline work with Map Pilot

After extensive mapping using Map Pilot off-line in mosquito infested remote Siberia, I have the following improvement suggestions:

1) Local storage of multiple missions. This is perhaps already in the works. It would be extremely useful, if multiple missions can be planned and stored on the iPad before going into the field, where they then can then be executed. However, last minute changes in the field should still be possible.

2) Controlled management of the cached background map tiles. I noticed that these sometimes disappear and have to be reloaded, which works only when back on the internet. Other apps, e.g. GPS Kit HD allow this.  

3) Better log file manager: Any attempt to export the kml or csv files with "hold to share" when off-line crashes the Map Pilot app. It would be great if both of these files could be exported locally to other apps, or accessed directly from a desktop computer when the iPad is connected (perhaps via iTunes as done in other apps).

Apart from these shortcomings Map Pilot is a great tool - thanks for making this available!


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1. Done. This has been a feature since the earliest releases of Map Pilot.

2. These do not disappear unless the app is deleted. You have to hit the button to save the map so the offline version of the tiles are saved otherwise it is as you say, liable to dissappear.

3. It certainly shouldn't be crashing if you are offline but where are you sending it? AirDrop works fine if you are within WiFi range of your laptop. The new version that is coming out this week will be able to open the KML files with any app on the device that can view those files (Google Earth).

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