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Problem with map processing

Hi I´ve processed two maps wit the same default settings for the camera and drone: 70%overlap 120mt height. 

The result of these maps are not what I expected due to my experience. The map called meneses parte1 is incomplete, and the second one "meneses parte 2" it says error on the webpage.

I dont know if I should just start processing a new map with same pictures or take new pictures, but for the second option I would like to know what went wrong with the first ones.

The credits have been taken from my account but no map nor support provided.

Please help as I need to solve this issue urgently.

Nicolás Feldman

Official comment


We did actually respond to your initial request within 8 minutes. Here is the screenshot of the response:

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the results. Since you are trying to survey a heavily treed area an overlap setting of at least 80% is recommended. The error says "This map failed to process due to low image quality, poor overlap or various other image quality issues." Your 80% jobs seem to have turned out fine for that type of survey. I would highly recommend sticking with that for your data collection.

Please refer to the following article for more detail:

The pictures you have will not likely work if you upload them again.

Taking proper data is the responsibility of the user. If you ever have any questions about whether or not you have enough overlap for a given job, please feel free to do a small (less than 52 image) job to test if it will turn out properly or not before using any points.

It appears that there are issues with you receiving emails from us. Please make sure that your spam filter is set to receive emails from us to ensure timely communication.


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