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Missing parts of my map

For DronesMadeEasy support

Just create a map and i am missing parts of the image, when using the same sources jpg files de bottom and right side of the map is valid using dronedeploy site.  What would cause this. 1361 jpg files were used.  I am missing something?

Thanks in advance


Michel Levasseur

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Trees are bad. Bare trees are even worse. Bare trees late in the day is probably the worse situation possible.

The section on the south end that didn't show up at all was all bare trees and those require much more overlap to turn out well. The overlap in that area was oddly inconsistent too which doesn't help.

While the majority of your job had plenty of overlap since you had a lot of overlapping flights, it seems that there was lower amounts of overlap down in that wider section with no other overlapping section.

We highly recommend the use of our Map Pilot app since it will collect more accurate data. We optimize our processing for more accurate data which is why that area might not have turned out.

Please refer to this article for more details:


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