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Ag Leader SMS NDVI

I am trying to import images into SMS Advanced and software needs to know what channel the ndvi (choice 1-4) is on and what the value is. (range is 0-255).

Can anyone help with this?

I would guessing that data is available in the image but have been unable to determine them.

I am using images obtained from a DJI P3Advanced with a IR-Pro camera.

Dave Chinadle

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Your image seems to only take up the range of 0-.35 or so which will be hard to map to Ag Leader. This is where a bit of ground truth taking will come in. You need to be able to correlate what a .1 in your image looks like compared to the real world. Ag Leader assumes you are using a calibrated NDVI source (as do we).

The color values are available in the color map at the time you uploaded your imagery.

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