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Message "This image is of very low quality ..."

Further to my previous post regarding corrupt images, I have just tried to create a map using only my good images. To save on upload time I first put them through JpegMini, a great utility which compresses the files to approx. half the size whilst keeping the images indistinguishable from the originals.

It preserves all metadata and is a program I use routinely and have done for several years without any issues with any software.

When I loaded these images into MME and selected an image to test the image tags, I received the message "This image is of very low quality and will likely cause the processing to fail..."

I have checked all the metadata (date, image size, height, width, resolution, camera used, GPS coordinates, altitude etc. etc.) and everything looks identical to the uncompressed original.

Any help would be appreciated. As I said, I have never had any program (Photoshop, InDesign, ARCGis, MapInfo etc.) complain about photos processed with JpegMini.



Ian Grierson

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The low quality warning comes up when the amount of data (megabytes) present in the image is too low for the number of pixels present for the image to be useful in processing. The pictures are valid but too much of the data we need to do the processing has likely been compressed out.

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