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KMZ and OBJ file questions

I bought some credit to have a play with the 3d settings, not sure if you have access to these, but they are EXCELLENT!!!! I opened them in a 3d object viewer and they are magnificent ( I have tried agisoft/dronedeploy etc and yours beat these!!!)

I will be back to purchase more credits!

Finally though I have a couple of quick questions:
1. I could not get the KML to be visible in google earth, am I doing something wrong, I have managed to get these working using other 3d kml.
2. Is the OBJ file compatible with sketchup?
3. The final page lets you view a low res version online, which still looks great, is there not anywhere where I can view (or my students) a high res version online?


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We are thrilled that you are happy with the results. The KMZ file will show up. It can take up to a minute to fully load as it is pushing the limits of the KMZ 3D file type.

There is a OBJ importer for SketchUp but it is expensive:

I would recommend importing the OBJ into MeshLab and then exporting it in another compatible file type.

We attempt to keep the low-resolution preview version to less than 2 MB. The models are often up to 1 GB and can not be loaded in a standard browser. If you want people to be able to view the full resolution version for free you can share the link to the files and recommend that they view it in MeshLab (free) or you could upload it into SketchFab to give you a way to share a higher resolution version. Up to 50 MB.

I hope that helps.

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