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Question on Mapping with DJI Phantom 3 advanced vs DJI Phantom 4

I'm looking to purchase a drone with the specific use of mapping and georeferencing aerial photography. The cameras on the DJI Phantom 3 advanced vs DJI Phantom 4 appear to be very similar but the technology is not. Can someone tell me if the georeferenced image will be more accurate with a Phantom 4 as the image quality is very similar. I'll be looking to use your software for the georeferencing and the maps will usually be at a scale between 1:1500 or 1:3000.


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The will be referenced almost identically. They say that the Phantom 4 has a more accurate GPS but we haven't really see that as being the case. At does however have redundant IMUs in the case of a failure which is nice. The cameras are pretty much the same electronically. The optics on the P4 are supposed to be better but we don't really see evidence of that in our finished products. If you want to make a just in detail and quality you should look at the X5 camera.

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