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how do download processed data before the deletion date?

per the recent notice about deletion of mapping files, I'm trying to download my processed data for future use.  I'm not at all happy to have to spend all this time doing data wrangling, but I don't want to lose all of my mapping information to date.  Having this new deletion policy thrown at me unexpectedly is really a very expensive and time consuming hassle.

I am trying to download the files and then sort them into the folders in which the original images were located.  I have been sorting my surveys in MME with a location name and date  ("2016 02 10 field A") but when I download them I get a name like 93f968d6ddbb42cc931cb705789b562bfa-206869.tif and that is copied from directory

I lose my file name indexing system, as well as the date the image was taken.  I also don't know what data this .TIF is - a DEM, the stitched image, or whatever.

I tried using the download manager on the Chome page, but that just copies all the files with the impenetrable file names.

It seems that I'm going to be spending about twice as much time data wrangling than the original processing in the first place... I am not a happy camper at all.

What can be done to make this simpler and still keep my information?




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We understand your frustration but implementing this policy was needed for us to be able to keep our pricing competitive. Email us at and we will gladly issue a refund.

As with any files downloaded from the internet, it is possible to right click on the individual links and use the "Save As" feature to make it so the file name can be be changed at the time of download. 

All of the server file names have tags at the end before the file type extension to show what kind of file it is.

  • XXXXXX.tif is the TIF
  • XXXXXX.jpg is the full resolution JPG
  • XXXXXX-DEM.tif is the DEM tif
  • XXXXXX-COLOR.tif is the colorized DEM TIF
  • XXXXXX-COLOR.JPG is the colorized DEM JPG
  • XXXXXX.kmz is the KMZ

We added a single download button at the bottom of every job that will hopefully make the process easier. It should be relatively easy to make a directory to put your files in and point the file download location to that location for each job. Here is a link on how to do that:

Moving forward, all files for jobs posted after February 21 have a friendly download name associated with it.


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