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I started with an ambitious flight plan, and it simply and silently refused to start the mission. I kept shrinking it till it did start and it flew fine. Should there be some sort of error message instead of a silent refusal?

Robert B. Denny

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You should check that you don't have the maximum distance limit set in the DJI Go app. If you set a mission outside of that radius, it won't currently throw an error. It will in the next version. That is most likely what is going on.

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With all these beta releases we recommend fully deleting the app before installing the new version since we have had a couple of conflicting settings hanging around. We have attempted to implement all of the warnings that DJI gives us access to.

There is one case that will make the mission fail that we have not yet accounted for: segments longer than 2 km. If your layout had that, you still should have seen an error that said there was a Mission Condition error. This is something that DJI put in the latest public firmware release that we still haven't accounted for yet. It won't be in our next release but will be in the one after that.

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