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Gimbal Needs?

What are all the necessary items needed for the Gimbal in order to see what you're shooting real time?


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What you are describing is referred to as first person vision, or FPV for short. Instead of looking at the drone from the ground and having to translate what direction to tell it to go in your head, you get to see things from the perspective of the on-board camera. This gives you the sensation of flying and makes control of the aircraft easier. Right is right, forward is forward.

FPV also has the added benefit of being able to see what the camera can see to make sure you are getting the footage you intended to. Without FPV, you either need to be very good or very lucky.

There are two basic ways to get an FPV setup up and going within the DJI product family:
1) Buy the Phantom 2 Vision (or the Vision+) when it comes out. It includes everything you need to get up and going with a quality FPV setup quickly. It provides a good, long range (up to 1km) solution for streaming to a smartphone. It is easy to control and the cameras take great pictures and video. The Vision is a 2D gimbal and the Vision+ is the 3D one. Check here for the difference.

2) Buy the Phantom 2, a Zenmuse gimbal, a GoPro Hero 3+ and all the parts needed to transmit and display the video feed. First, one would need the DJI AVL58 (for 5.8 GHz) transmitter and receiver pair, two cloverleaf antennas. These will handle the transmission of the video from the quad to the ground. Second, you will need either a set of FPV goggles, like the ones FatShark makes, or a mini LCD monitor, like those offered by Lilliput. We will be offering all of this as a kit very soon.

Check out @Brian_DME's answer here for more details.

Option 1 is easy and cheaper to get up and going, but Option 2 is more flexible. Each has its own merits for quality. We will be doing a blog post on this soon.

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