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Sea Landing Advice

I found this...thought I would share with you guys.

From a DJI user:
I recently flew my Phantom to the bottom of the Harbor, which is salt water. I thought it was all over, however this wasn't the case. It was in the water for around 5 minutes before we fish dot out. We immediately removed the battery and flushed it with tap water. We took it home for further surgery. I opened up the case, and the camera case and poured a gallon of distiller water through it. Then I used the canned air to blow out as much water as possible. It was then suspended under an A/C vent, and left there for two days. I reassembled it, installed a new battery, and took it out for testing. It flew just like it was NIB.


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Yikes! I wouldn't count on that working! We have seen a lot of units in for repair that went for a "swim". It really depends what got wet and when. If it somehow loses power to the smarts first by the battery or something cutting out, consider yourself lucky.

Good work to whoever did that though. Thanks for the post.

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