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Purchased the mapping bundle

I have a whole bunch of boxes that were unpacked and carefully reviewed. It appears that most of them are the extra bits and pieces left over from the assembly of the bundle. However the following items remain in question.

  1. Do I need to anything with the Wireless Data Link Module?
  2. Does the remaining cloverleaf antenna install on the Flysight unit?
  3. Assuming the GoPro protective box is not compatible with the setup?
  4. Is there a connection that should by made between the Flysight and the remote?

Real simply is there a one-line diagram or anything that should have shipped with the materials?



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Thanks for purchasing from us. We are still working on our one-sheeter to describe the setup. We will try to get a quick tutorial video up and online ASAP.

  1. The DataLink is used for automating the drones flight. You can use DJI's tools to set up flights that that have the appropriate amounts of overlap for your mapping application. Their online documentation is pretty bad but the stuff in the box is good.

  2. Yes. We are working on a helical antenna set that will go in both of the available FlySight antenna ports, but for now just plug the other one that was in the box into the display.

  3. No, the protective box is not used when mounted to the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal. The camera is not waterproof in that state, but then again, neither is the drone...

  4. No electrical connection is made between the FlySight display and the controller. There is a metal mount that allows you to attach the display to the controller for ease of use, but it isn't required.

The big part connects to your PC with a USB cable and the small part that mounts on the drone should be velcroed in place and plugged in to the CAN bus port.

This video sort of shows what you need to do.

Here is a decent write up on the installation, but we have taken care of most of that for you already.

All recording of video and images is done through the GoPro settings. The GoPro doesn't come with a card. We should probably start including that too... They assume everyone has some microSD cards laying around I guess. The FlySight display really just shows a preview of what the GoPro sees. It doesn't record anything. The video and images being recorded by the GoPro are of might higher quality that the picture you see on the display. It is really just for situational awareness.

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