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Feature Request: Ability to specify map area (cut out non-interested area)

I'm using a GoPro with Standard lens to acquire the pictures. The result is pretty good and I'm amazed at how well your software corrects the Fisheye effect.
Have a look at the map at
(There is some weird behavior in the upper left corner, where I'm not sure what's causing it. But that's another topic).

With the GoPro Fisheye effect you get very weird artifacts at the border of the maps and I would love to just cut away these pieces and throw them away. As an example: In the above map, I would cut everything that is outside the streets surrounding the Baseball field.

It would be great if you could consider adding such capability.


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That is the main reason why we generally prefer to work with a corrected lens, but it is still totally possible to collect data with the stock lens and not get those huge excursions along the edges.

The first thing to do is fly as low as you can. That gets more pixels on target and keeps your spot size down.

The other big thing to get rid of those weird edges is to fly under ground station control. It is almost impossible to fly a stable path that maintains proper overlap freehand.

All that being said, currently, there is only one option when it comes to trimming down your map. You can download the TIF image, which should be available next week, and trim it down yourself using image processing software of your choice. We like ImageJ for dealing with huge images.

We have considered adding a reprocessing step to allow a one-time trimming of generated maps. Based on the data we are seeing from people so far, that might need to get bumped up in priority! Nobody wants to see those sloppy edges...

Thanks for the input.

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