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Camera/ Gimbal control on anything beyond Vision +

I have only used PV2+, and like how the camera settings (really all I use is setting still photo timer, and start/stop video recording) are integrated well. I have seen a few videos with gopro setting accessible on the FPV monitor, via touchscreen.

Then I shop for larger rigs, and they include 2 futaba remotes, one for the cam operator! I would like to have the option for a single operator to run drone and cam. I get great shots by just setting it to take a photo every 3s, and then I just wade through hundreds of photos, which I am fine with. That limited amount of configuration onscreen is easy.

If I upgrade, is a camera operator necessary?


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You can operate both the copter and the camera it is just a lot to handle for some people. Many people using the larger systems have the ability to designate a camera specialist and a pilot but it can certainly be done as one man show.

We have an S800 EVO built and ready to go out. Let us know if you are interested.

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