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Hard edges not rendering well.

I just did my first map and found most of the image looks great. The problem I see is on buildings and trees. The edges of roof are all messed up (scollops and swirls) and trees look more like swirls. Is there going to be a fix for this soon? It is hard to talk to some one that wants a map but sees this as non-professional.


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Sorry for the delay. First off, when sharing your links publicly, be sure the use the public URL from your map detail page. No one else can see this if they aren't logged in... It also has to be shared publicly. The link would be something like

It looks like your source data was good and your overlap was probably OK. Edges are always a bit squishy, since they generally don't have the overlap from multiple directions needed to create an accurate 3D representation. We are looking at ways to let people trim them up a bit. For now, you can download the GeoTiff and trim up the edges on your own.

The swirl effects you are describing are artifacts of our 3D rendering process. Our system uses images to create a 3D representation of the area and then paints those images onto the 3D surface. For vertical features, like trees and buildings, the object doesn't always get painted from the same source image. This can leave some smeared areas. It seems in your map they are happening on the tallest of the trees.

The best way to counteract this is to take more images. Upping the overlap from 50% to 75 or 80% won't totally get rid of the artifacts but the model will be better and there will be more chances of there being an orthogonal image to paint it with, leaving a better end product. Google Maps suffers from these issues as well as this is the current state of the technology.

My guess is you want better detail on the orchard section, but the tallest of the trees by the house are getting messed up. Flying close to tall trees is a good way to get strange images. You need to be at least 30 meters above the tallest things you want to render.

Another option is to do two separate maps, one that is a property overview and one that is an orchard detail, and combine them in a location map.

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