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In-field draft map?

Hi MME. Have you given thought to making a simple offline version of your system that ideally runs on Linux for in-field data checking? Many of my client locations don't have internet access in the field, and it would be good to be able to at least preview a map while there. Then when we're back within reach of a decent internet connection we could upload to the full-featured online service.


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Our iOS mobile app for the newest DJI devices will have a utility to ensure that all the appropriate images have been taken. It won't process them in the field but it will at least show that you have everything you need to create a good map successfully. We don't feel the need to release software similar to the many client softwares available for doing a preview stitch. The free versions of Agisoft and Pix4D will do what you are looking for on a minimal machine. If the images work on their software, they will work on Maps Made Easy.

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