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Maybe a dumb question but....


I am collecting information about mapping with the DJI Phantom 1.

I've got plenty of information that would allow me to try to do a basic mapping of my house and its surroundings. I've found very useful the Flight Planner tool to upload the mission to my Ground Station but I've came to a basic question.

How am I supposed to take the pictures?

I mean, the flight planner tells me to set up my GoPro to take photos at every 2 secs and that seems perfect until I've realized that there is something that I cannot understand.

Suppose that I start to take the pictures obviously before I start the mission on the ground station. When the phantom gets to the first point marked in the mission, maybe the camera had just taken the first picture just seconds or milliseconds before it gets to the first point (or maybe after).

Wouldn't that mess up with all the mapping?

I would appreciate your response

Thank you very much!


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It sounds like you are doing things properly. As long as you set your GoPro to take the images every 2 seconds you should be good. You will have to make sure that you take out the images from before and after takeoff and from the ascent and descent. Only upload images that were taken at the cruising altitude.

The imaging locations that are on the flight planner are just there as a guide. As long as you have something similar to that, you should be good.

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