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Narrow FOV for Phantom 3?

Hi. I just started using Maps Made easy today. I am noticing significant distortion around the borders of my test maps so far. I am assuming this has to do with the wide angle warning I received related to DJI lenses? I do not see a setting to narrow the FOV in the DJI Pilot app, just wondering what my options are? I will mostly film buildings and comstruction sites and wondering ideal height I should be flying at. A big issue with the P3 right now is DJI still hasn't released autopilot. Can I still create acceptable 3d images flying manually? Thanks for the help!


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Welcome! That warning is a hangover from the Vision+. It doesn't apply to the Phantom 3 and the warning will not be there anymore in the next release.

You generally want to be flying at least 3X higher than the highest feature you are mapping. 4 to 5X is better. You have to make the tradeoff between GSD and being sure to get good data.

You won't have to wait too long... We are currently beta testing our Map Pilot App for iOS

You can certainly fly freehand in the meantime but be sure to get plenty of overlap. You will likely end up taking way more data than you need.

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