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Interrupting the flight

How do I get the app to completely release control of the drone when mid flight? I had a scare when I ran low on battery and the app would allow me to stop the route, but it wouldn't allow me to move the drone. Eventually the automatic return home took over and I was able to land.

Neil Atkinson

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From our main page

Emergency Takeover and Flight Interruption: In the case of an emergency, switch the PAF switch out of F to A or P and get the aircraft out of harms way. If you have more time and wish to be able to resume your mission afterwards, press the Go Home button to record the point of abandonment. Once it is on its way home, you can then interrupt the flight using the emergency takeover method. When you want to restart the mission, press and hold the Stop button, switch the PAF switch back into the F position, and go through the Pre-Flight and Takeoff process all over again.

In the next version, the holding the Stop button will not be required. A Restart Mission button will replace the stop button.

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