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Resolution below 1 inch per pixel

My app is running in English units. When I select the resolution I can't pick anything below 1 inch per pixel. But on the website when the app is in metric you can select down to 0.5 cm per pixel. Is this a bug, or is there a way to change the resolution lower than 1 inch per pixel and I just haven't found it? Thanks

Neil Atkinson

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Generally we keep all of our units in metric when we are working with it and that is where a lot of things are quoted. The majority of our business comes from people in regions that use metric. (It is way better)

We noticed some strange behavior stitching images together that were taken below 60m on flat areas (corn fields) and limited the slider there by default.

For users that wish to map below our 60m limit, the altitude adjustment slider can be held down for 5 seconds to expand the range down to 25m.

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