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Not Connected - New Pilot Inspire 1 Pro

I have an Inspire 1 Pro, I have the Map Pilot app on an Ipad Air 2. 

I can not get a connection between my aircraft and the app? 

I have watched the videos on your site. What am I doing wrong? I really need to use the grid flight application for my intended use. 

Could some one please walk me through a trouble shoot? 

What I have done: 

Start the normal flight with aircraft and DJI go app.

Stayed at starting hover altitude. 

Exited out of DJI go app, Opened up the Map Pilot app.

I have a pre-planned flight in the app already. 

I get the Not Connected messages on the top of the screen? 

How do I connect?

I am a rookie pilot and would greatly appreciate help and suggestions to become a better pilot. 


Jedd Haynes

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Fully close the DJI Go app by double clicking the home button to bring up the currently open apps and swipe up on the DJI Go app.

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