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Creating an ID and token with Mapbox

I read your guide to create an ID and token with mapbox, and it's all ok. I get my token and my ID from mapbox, but when I insert this in map pilot and I open a two old missions saved in my account in your map app on ipad air 2 I get an error message and the map is black. In the error it says: failed to load annotations for mapbox ID , check token and ID and internet connection. But the internet connection is ok and the ID and token is also ok. Why do I have this error? Thanks for the reply.



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After changing the Mapbox ID you are essentially telling Map Pilot to look somewhere else for the basemap data even though it is saved on your device.

You will need to recache the previously saved missions using the new credentials.

Here are the steps to recache a previously cached mission:

1. Put your updated Mapbox Map ID and Access Token into their respective settings. Open the cached mission that the basemap is not opening for you.
2. Click the "Unlock" button in the top left.
3. Open the Map Control panel and recache the map.
4. Go back to the Map Management list.
5. Go back AGAIN to the main menu (recaching a cached mission does not repopulate the list).
6. From the main menu, go back into Manage Missions and you will see the new version of your old mission cached with your basemap data.

If you are already in the field and you are getting this error, you can remove the Mapbox ID and Access Token values from their settings, leaving them totally blank, and it will default back to the previous value and work again.

Give that a try. It should work.

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Thanks - ive just deleted the mapbox id and token (which i dont think were valid anyway) and the maps appear to be saving now, thanks.

But, that said, i would like to have my new map box id and MME linked successfully, but on opening the MME app the pop up indicated that they were not valid/saved correctly or something similar.?

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I am assuming you have read this link:

The value in the settings either has to be blank, the exact example value as provided, or a valid set that you provide. 

The values should look like this:

Mapbox Map ID: dronesmadeeasy.1234abcd
Mapbox Access Token: pk.abcde12345abcde12345abcde12345abcde12345abcde12345abcde12345abcde1234512.abcde12345abcde1234512

If you want you can send the credentials you are trying to us via email and we will check them for you.

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