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Inspire 1, way off flight plan -> RTH for landing

We did a flight with the inspire 1 it started nicely at the green dot

and after the second lane it did a left turn and flew way off the flight plan.

what can cause such behavior ? 

Picture has taken after pressing the RTH button , the inspire came down at starting position with a dead battery.

Ps I was not the pilot it was a colleague 

Bert Bosman

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That is an interesting one... It looks like this was a saved mission that was designed to have the takeoff point at the purple dot but the actual takeoff point is shown at the yellow dot in the interior of the survey area (which should be fine).

We would like to see the log file for this if possible. Please send it to for further inspection. We would also like to see the flights.plist file too if that is still saved. That way we can check if it was actually something in the mission planning.

You certainly took the appropriate action in calling it home although it would likely have turned around shortly after that anyway in the case of a low battery alarm.

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Thanks for the quick response , the inspire is at the moment in a foreign country and can not be accessed at the moment. But i will fly there in the next x weeks ( to finish the project) and will download the logs and send it. Keep monitoring this ticket/ mail.

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