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Multi-Battery Flight, loss of camera control


Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Pro, firmware version 1.8.80; RC firmware version 1.6.0
Map Pilot App: v1.5.1
Ipad mini 2: iOS 9.3.2

All other Apps closed; i.e. nothing running in the background


  • For a multiple battery mission with manual camera settings (ISO 100; manual shutter settings), all works well for first flight. After resuming the second flight, there is a loss of camera control using the P3 camera settings dial on the controller. The user is unable to adjust shutter speed to modify exposure/ground smear during flight.

Official comment


Thank you for your thorough reporting. It is much appreciated.

This used to work fine but it wouldn't be the first time that something changed in the firmware or SDK that broke a feature.

We will look into it but it is likely that this will not be able to be fixed if they removed the standard functionality.

It is odd that it is only an issue on the second flight...

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