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Raster catalog

Hi -

This question is a bit our of my knowledge area....but hoping you can help.  I have a customer who wants to know if they can build a raster catalog in ArcMap with a Maps Made Easy orthomosaic map that I am making for them?


They also have a couple other questions:

* what is the baselayer map?

* accuracy of the volume measurement?

What coordinate system does Maps Made Easy use?


Mike Borkowski

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Maps Made Easy is essentially a raster making machine. All generated GeoTiff outputs are capable of being loaded in to GIS or CAD software as a georeferenced raster layer.

The baselayer map is the map that is there in the background by default. We would use Google Maps but it is extraordinarily expensive to be used in a private setting so we use Mapbox as a basemap tile provider. 

The accuracy of the volume measurement is very heavily driven by the quality of the elevation layer and 3D model. More overlap creates more accurate results. We have been told by a lot of our users that they are experiencing volumes within 1% of other measurement techniques. We have a couple of cases where users have gotten within .5% of RTK verified stockpile measurements.

Here is a gdalinfo snapshot of one of our GeoTiffs:

Coordinate System is:



        SPHEROID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563,






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Thank you for this info.  My customer has a pretty advanced GIS/tech guru guy....his questions are beyond my knowledge base. (I am a drone guy more than a GIS guy.)  Is it possible for him to contact you directly -- either via phone or email?  I think he will likely have some additional detailed tech questions out of your answers, and I'm not sure that I'm adding a ton of value as the middle man.  Is there a way to set up a conf call with you and him?  Thx! Mike

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We prefer not to handle questions on a one by one basis, otherwise we find ourselves saying the same things over and over. Please have them ask their questions here if they are not account specific or about sensitive data.

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