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Low Battery Warning Before start point for Battery 2

Ok, I am running the Inspire 1, with the 22 Dec DJI update which includes: APP 2.4.3, AC, RC 1.5.70 and Camera I set up a 2 battery mapping mission and somehow got connected to DME. Takeoff was smooth and the first battery leg proceeded nominally until I got the Low Battery Warning BEFORE I reached the 2nd battery start point. So, I went manual and landed immediately. Here is my question: Since low battery percentage, camera settings and home point (I assume) are all set when you are in the DJO Go app before you turn it completely off and transfer to DME, will DME abort the mission and land or just go into hover mode? I did not use the Return to Home button for the landing. Since then, I did check the battery threshold set in DJI and I had it at 30%, perhaps too high so I set it to 20% for the future.


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This is a battery calibration issue. We have had the battery go from 30% to 0% instantly and the aircraft just tries to make it to the ground as soon as possible.

DJI recommends taking your batteries down to less than 10% (we go to 8%) and then doing a FULL recharge on the STOCK CHARGER. "Full" is emphasized because partial charges will mess up the calibration faster and "stock charger" is emphasized because charging hubs and 3rd party chargers will not do the calibration properly.

The settings in the DJI Go app really only affect when the warning beeps will occur. If the aircraft senses that it only has enough battery to get home it will start heading home regardless of setting.

Map Pilot will never just go into hover mode unless the Stop button is pushed. Map Pilot is either on the way to a mapping grid, on a mapping grid or on the way home.

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