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Use of partially corrupt images

I flew a mission a couple of days ago and ended up with a bit of a disaster. Halfway through the flight my iPad reset itself and this caused some problem in the FAT as the DCIM directory moved underneath another folder. I reflew to capture the remaining images then transferred these to my Surface Pro 4 and deleted them from micro SD, A few minutes later the Surface Pro ran out of battery and it wont recharge (problem with edge connector) so I can't access the hard disk. So I tried to recover from the card but even though I hadn't used the card since the deletion I was unable to recover all my images for the flight. Presumably this problem relates to the corruption in the FAT as I have now tried 7 different recovery programs.

I have recovered about 40% of intact but the others have missing data at the bottom - ie a rectangular area the width of the image is missing - in some cases this is only 5% of the image in other cases it is 95%.

I have tried several times to create a composite image in MME by either a. using just the good images, b. good images and those that are missing just a small portion, and 3. all the images.

The results have been unpredictable. I now have 4 different composite covering overlapping parts of the area but I can't figure out how they have been create (ie. does MME stop reading images when it encounters a partially corrupt one or should it be able to handle the sort of situation I have described).

I can crop the partial images but in doing so, because the bad section is only at the bottom, the EXIF longitude will not refer to the position of the centre of the image.

Reflying is not an option and Microsoft replaces Surface Pros under warranty rather than fix them so I see no way to recover my flights from the hard drive.

Overall I have enough imagery (full and partial images) to cover the whole area but need to know how best to combine them.





Ian Grierson

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If the images do not have valid EXIF data they will not be used so be careful when resizing and touching the images with 3rd party software.

To be honest, we don't really know what will happen when trying to load corrupted images but I can't imagine that it would actually work. This is not something we test for...

If you got the 4 sections to work you could probably just upload everything you have all at once and see what happens.


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