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3D webgl

Hi - I created a paid map and paid the extra points for 3D.  Here is the link:

I believe my browser is WebGl compatible, since I can see the rotating box at he website, and I can see 3D sample maps in your website.   I understand that I click and drag to rotate, etc.  But my map does not seem to have 3D?

I'm new to Maps Made Easy and I'm not terribly if you could please keep your answers "dumbed-down" for me, that would be appreciated.

What do I need to do to make the 3D functionality of this map work?

And what do I do with the "advanced output" data?  I downloaded them, since they will expire soon, but I have not idea what they are for. 

Help, pls!

Thx - Mike 

Mike Borkowski

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When sharing links make sure the map (or 3D model) is marked as public and that you are using the public version of the URL. It has "public" in it instead of "detail" like the one you have shared. 

The map is 2D and the model is the 3D version that has the links in the bottom right of the Map Detail page in the section labeled "3D Online Preview (low-resolution)" 

The downloadable files are there in case you want to export the georeferenced imagery into AutoCAD or GIS software. The full resolution version of the 3D models can be viewed using free MeshLab software.

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OK, thx for that reply.  

So if I want to view the full resolution 3D version, I first need to download MeshLab software - is that correct?

Once I have downloaded that software, then what?  I need to pull some file into that software?  Which file?  


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Yes, MeshLab is a very capable 3d model viewer which can export to a lot of different file types to convert our 3D models into anything else you might need.

You need to save the OBJ, MTL and JPG files from the Map Detail page. Open MeshLab and go to File -> import Model. All three of the downloaded OBJ/MTL/JPG files need to be in the same location. Select the OBJ file and it will open.

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