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DJI App Registration Servers Down

Anyone else receive this message recently?

DJI App Registration: Either you are not currently on the internet or DJI's servers are currently down.
Conditions: In the field, strong LTE signal on an iPad 2 Air. All settings seem to be correct.

In addition to the message, the app wouldn't connect to the Phantom 3. After 5 minutes of opening/closing the app, the message stopped appearing and map pilot connected to the P3. The mission wouldn't upload at that point though(upload wasn't highlighted in white).

Replicated this at home on the 15th however after closing the app only 3 times the message stopped appearing, the mission uploaded, and the drone attempted to initiate(in my living room with props off).

Thoughts? Perhaps I'm overlooking something simple.

Todd Janovsky

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As the error says, if you have strong internet connection the DJI registration server was down. The first time the app is used it connects to DJI to register the use of our app. Nothing will work until that registration occurs. DJI servers have been known to go down from time to time making it impossible to proceed until it is fixed.

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Yeah. Even after it connected in the field I still wasn't allowed to upload. Thanks for the quick response and I'm sure it'll work next time.

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