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Removing markers from map

I have no problem removing polygon from a map (although I find the method less than intuitive - Hit bin, select object, save - most software you would select object, hit bin, confirm ) but I can't seem to remove a marker. When I hover over the marker after clicking the bin icon, the crosshair changes to a hand, but clicking on the object and then clicking save doesn't seem to have any affect.


Ian Grierson

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We are using a third party library for that so it kind of is what it is. 

We have tested the marker addition and removal with Firefox, Safari and Chrome and they all seen to work fine. 

Click on the trashcan icon to select items to delete, select the items to delete, click the Save button next to the trashcan icon to save your changes. 

The object you are attempting to delete should disappear when you click on it. If it isn't there is something else going on.

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