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Problem calculating volumes on a Surface Pro 4

I have a frustrating problem in performing volume calculations on my Surface Pro 4.

Even though I had a mouse connected it will not display the analysis icons (draw polygon etc) but rather gives me the message: Touch-enabled devices do not have access to the measurement tools.

The only way I have found around this problem is to go into system management and disable the touchscreen. This, however, causes its own problems (obviously) with other programs. 

Why is this restriction there at all? Surely it is reasonable to allow users to use finger taps instead of mouse clicks if they don't have a mouse, or pen.

This is a really annoying problem.

Ian Grierson

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Reasonable? Yes. Currently possible using the libraries we use? No.

We use a lot of 3rd party software libraries to enable all the little things that Maps Made Easy provides. There are inherent problems in how touch devices are different from standard input devices and these libraries have not been updated to support these differences yet.

Please refer to the following article for more details:


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