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Missing Images

Planned and flew 2 missions today formatted sd card on the phantom 3 professional befor flight
Came back to the office and there are only 25 images from the flight today and the mission showed complete
What happened ?
Why didn't the images get saved on the sd card
Sd card was formatted under dji go app
I really need to get this figured out as soon as possible
There was no issues during the flight
Just the images didn't get saved
Also I did a final 2 min video using the dji go app and it saved just fine


Official comment


Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the app. The only other time we have head of this happening it turned out to be that the DJI Go app was running in the background while Map Pilot was running. This will cause a lot of issues if that is the case and it is always important that you only have one application attempting to connect to the drone at one time.

If that isn't that case and you are absolutely sure that the Go app was fully shut down, let us know exactly what kind of data card you are using. We are triggering the camera as fast as it can possibly be triggered and if you have a slightly slower data card that isn't fast enough to keep up, there is a good chance this is the behavior that would be seen. You may be able to record video just fine the way we trigger the camera needs a fast card.

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