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Inspire 1 Pro 4 test flight ->2 flights unfocused pictures

We did 4 test flights with the Inpsire 1 Pro last week ( to compare it with the non pro) from the 4 test flights the first 2 we only did get unfocused picture's.

Lucky it was only a test , but what did we wrong to get unfocused pictures ?

(Focus switch was set to AF ! , standard 15mm lens) 


Bert Bosman

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We are still trying to figure out the best approach for making sure the X5 camera is focused. Focusing while you are moving in the air is hard. We HIGHLY recommend only using the automatic exposure setting. Trying to get fancy with the aperture isn't supported at this point. 

In order to attempt to make sure the camera is focused properly for changes in terrain we pull a focus from the center after every image we take. The problem with this method is that the aircraft is moving and the contrast-based autofocus method is given a moving target. Sometimes it will miss the moving target...

The way to fix this is to fly much slower than you usually would. Yes, this further limits the amount of area that can be collected with the X5 but at least the camera will have a chance at focusing properly.

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Totally not happy with the "pro" nothing pro about the model.But that is nothing you can fix on the short term.

How about set the focus to manual and to infinity ? with an altitude from 60 meters that should be a lot better then.


Ps some crazy values :

iso 3200 ??

shutter 1/6711

aperture 3,5

on Automatic , the picture that are "sharp" are terrible 



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Make sure you have properly calibrated the lens for focusing on infinity. This is done in the DJI Go app.

We have seem some really nice maps being taken with the Pro and it certainly has its place but it isn't for general purpose mapping.

The Pro really needs to be at least 60 meters up so it is focused on infinity.

Setting it manually to infinity is probably a pretty good idea assuming you are flying high enough.

Those are certainly some pretty weird exposure values. I don't know why the ISO would be up so high with such a short exposure time. Make sure that the exposure compensation is set properly. This likely could have been fixed by using the exposure compensation adjustment knob on the remote to knock it back into a logical range. This sounds like a firmware issue within the camera. It never should have done that.

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