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camera to actual is lagging by atleast 15 seconds

I'm flyting a P3P, my latest map that I created the camera pullout showed the drones position to be atleast 15 seconds behind where it actually was (compared to that position of the route on screen)

even when coming into land it was extremely behind.

J. Owen-Clegg Answered

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From the app release notes:

Known Bugs:
Video preview - tap and swipe gestures only work in the top half middle third of the preview area.
Video can get laggy due to a DJI SDK bug.

From the Terms Email:
There is a known issue with the DJI SDK’s video preview capabilities that causes the video stream to get further and further behind in certain high CPU load situations. The workaround for this is to make sure the Map Pilot and DJI Pilot apps are not running. Then start the DJI Pilot app and make sure you can see the video. Next, fully close the DJI Pilot app and start the Map Pilot app. Everything should be fine then. This is a well documented issue that has to do with a difference in how they initialize their app vs the way the SDK does it. We have no control over it. They know about the issue and are working to resolve it.

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Thank you for the thorough response. FYI the map in question that I was creating with the Lag came out fine anyway, so its only a lag for video.

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