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Should I order the propeller guards?

I think they look kind of goofy and add extra weight to the quad. That just means less flying time, right? Lots of screws too.

How much do they actually protect the props?


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The prop guards don't weigh much and don't really even come into the equation when talking about flight times.

I would personally recommend them. If not to protect your propellers themselves, then protect yourself.

Check out our blog post that shows some propeller induced damage.

The props are roughly $8 each and the guards are $6 each. It is not uncommon to ruin a couple props at a time the event of a crash. My record is 3. That's $24 right there. Could have put the guards on and come out even... A bad crash can break the guards too though so it is best to learn to fly well before getting into any tight situations.

The screws are a one time deal and it should only take a couple minutes. I think the whole rig looks better with the guards on.

They make a nice way to carry it around too.

Some people find that they add instability and remove them right after putting them on.

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