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Looking to upgrade from Phantom...Next AFFORDABLE step up?

I do not want to dive into a S1000 with a 5D. That is to much copter, camera, and cash right now. However, I want more camera than a GoPro. What would you recommend to be the next step up from a Phantom/gopro? I have looked at F550 for a bit, and seen a few flying a 'real' camera like a Nex5.


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We don't blame you. The S1000 is REALLY expensive! Flying the 5D is a bit crazy unless you are doing Hollywood work or really like spending money. The S800 is designed for what you are describing but still costs 2X when built up compared to a similarly built P2. The upcoming S900 will have a much lower price and still have the heavy lift capability of the S800, making it the best option if you are willing to wait. I am sure there are some other good options from other manufacturers, but we don't sell or directly support them because they often aren't as mature as the DJI line of products. The 550 is a good option if you are well versed in assembling your own rig. Going from a P2V+ to a 550 would be a pretty big jump in know-how.

On the camera side of the equation, the Sony and Lumix mirrorless options are really nice. They take great stills, video and have a built in GPS for geotagging, if that is of interest. In our opinion, flying an actual SLR with a moving mirror is nuts. Some people like crazy though...

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